Thursday, 5 February 2009

two of everything

new painting.... the images are a bit flat because I am completely rubbish with a camera!
This painting has lots of elements that I am always draw to: heart necklaces,rosey cheeks,heart birthmarks,swirls,trees,pretty dresses.........I am enjoying painting at the moment and am slowly developing some sort of style.I think I need to experiment with the backgrounds a little ..I can't paint everyone in an enchanted woodland!!! But I love painting rosey cheeks,heart necklaces and pretty dresses! These 'twins' are on Etsy.
I have just looked out of the window and at last it is snowing!!! I was beginning to feel like I was missing out!!(sad)For those of you not in the UK ,most of the country has had alot of snow this week and I live in a fairly rural part of Lancashire and we have had hardly any! My relatives in London have had more!!!My children are feeling very upset because they haven't had any time off school.....I may have to get the sledge out of the shed!


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